Congratulations on starting your car share service using Hourfleet. Our team is committed to helping you get the most of Hourfleet, and we’re equally committed to hearing your ideas on how we can improve the product for your benefit.

This section is a ‘Getting Started’ guide. In time we will build this into Hourfleet itself, but for not you can use this as a checklist of things you’ll need to do/master as an administrator of an Hourfleet-powered car share service.


Step 1. As tempting as it is to dive straight into using Hourfleet, there are a few prerequisites. The first is to re-familiarise yourself with the Terms of Service. We know … boring right? But it’s important.


Step 2. Set up your first sign in


Step 3. Confirm some setup details. There are a number of system-wide configurations that the Hourfleet team will need to undertake on your behalf. Consider each of the following, and we will discuss:

  • Will you be using car kits for keyless access?

  • Getting your payment services configured

  • Booking timings, eg how long in advance of a schedule booking will an end-user be able to start bookings, and any rules about late return penalties