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Why it makes sense to have a car share at an apartment complex

You only need to look around your local central city to see young professionals - the world’s future car buyers and consumers - making way to their jobs in the city from their apartments.

This group is commonly known as ‘city dwellers’, those living in central city apartments, enjoying dining in central eateries and enjoying the freedom on jumping on a bus or pounding the pavement to get from ‘a to b’.

Either renting or owning, the challenge for this group remains the same. Why buy a car, pay for it to be parked in town and only use it on the weekends? Access to a car in the weekends would be helpful to access to the outer city shopping malls, to visit friends in the suburbs, or to simply take a jaunt to pick up a friend from the airport and show them the sites for the day. But during the week it could collect dust and depreciate in a carpark, if they even have access to a park.

This is where apartment complexes car sharing services ‘tick the boxes’ for the developer and owner alike. With rental and ownership prices in major cities around the world on the increase, due to the growing population demands, it makes sense to provide this utlility to future resident’s of apartment complexes. Not only could apartment developers become more efficient in utlisiing their space, by requiring less car parks to be available for their occupants, but they’d also be providing a service to reduce the overall cost of investment in such a property for future investors.

By providing easy to use accessible shared cars for the resident’s of an apartmen t building, or complex, you’re giving your future tenants and investors that extra reason to consider your complex as their new home.

With worldwide opinions differing on the future of personal car ownership in general, in particular for the 18-30 year olds, it’s difficult to pinpoint a direction it will take in the shorter term. However, it makes sense when considering purchasing and first (or second) vehicle to weigh up the costs of owning, insuring and maintaining a car in comparison to being a member of a car share community where that’s all taken care of.

By using a car share app, like Hourfleet, you can have this service available at your current apartment complexes or future ones within minutes. We offer a FREE TRIAL so you can see for yourself if this is an option your tenants would like to use

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