• Jess Deacon

What is car sharing?

Car sharing is a more formal and measured way of lending your car to others - not just throwing them the keys and saying “fill it up when you’re finished”.

Car sharing has become a way of people using other people’s cars on an on-demand basis by using up to date technology. Much like AirBnB, car sharing is a service you can book as you go, saving you long term commitments and the effort of getting quotes from various car rental companies.

Here are three ways a car share could operate near you.

Business to employees

Many companies both large and small still have, and will for some time, a need for their employees to use a vehicle to perform their duties.

Often referred to as a ‘fleet’, historically vehicles have been provided to employees as a vehicle they only use during work hours when required.

However, not all businesses see the sense in having a car sitting in a carpark a large percentage of the time waiting for their one user to use them. This is where a car share option is a good solution.

Now companies can provide a fleet of vehicles through a digital platform, such as Hourfleet, to enable their teams to book and use cars through a website and a user-friendly app. Not only does this provide the opportunity for fewer vehicles to be used more regularly, it’s also a handy way to keep track of who’s using vehicles and for what purposes.

Some examples of industries using this service are:

  • Health Boards

  • City Councils

  • FMCG suppliers

  • Taxi and shuttle services

  • Sales companies

  • Service companies

Shared living complexes

Retirement communities and apartment complexes have realised a demand for their residents to have use of a vehicle, but not necessarily own and have it parked on the property when not in use.

By providing the opportunity for residents to use a vehicle, they reduce the space required for car parks, create a satisfied community and provide an extra source of income to have the ability to charge a fee for this service.

Some examples of scenarios of using this service:

  • Retirement villages

  • Apartment complexes

  • Holiday accommodation complexes

  • University campuses

Peer to peer

A Peer to peer network is set up with the objective of having those around their area list and lend out their cars via an app. The business owner then takes a commission of the rental fees and use it as their payment.

It’s a well known model in the US, UK and other EU countries and has some major players in the industry. Many apps available to this industry use their business branding and don’t allow for an owner to use theirs. Using Hourfleet enables peer to peer suppliers to add their logo, colour pallette and messaging to their own website and app.

Some examples of this service being used are at:

  • University campuses

  • Major cities

  • Holiday destinations

Whatever the business model, Hourfleet's full service, white-labelled platform is able to be configured to suit all requirements and can be set up in minutes. Talk to us today about how to take the next steps for you own car share business.

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