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The top 10 benefits of using a car share service

With the annual cost of owning a new vehicle estimates to be around $8,500* a year in the US, it makes sense to weigh up the pros and cons of using a car share. Here are 10 benefits of adopting this way of car usage

1. No car insurance

The annual average cost of car insurance in the US is $1,300**. Over time this can add up, especially if you live in a neighborhood where theft is an issue and premiums go up whether you’ve ever claimed or not.

2. No car maintenance

Car breaks down? No worries, the owner is responsible for getting it fixed. Consider this; maintaining your car, servicing it and buying new tyres just to scratch the surface, you could be looking at at average of $99 per month. That’s $1,200 each year!

3. Don’t own a depreciating asset

Only using a car worth $10,000 20% of your week? Doesn’t make financial sense. Invest your money where it has more likelihood of making you money and pay less for on-demand car sharing.

4. Share costs with your friends

Road trips are now more affordable than ever. If three go, three split the fee. Some households of renters like to share the costs of one car, use a car share app and divide the insurance, petrol and upkeep between them.

5. Reduced traffic on the roads

As population increases, density increases, as do the demands for space on the roads and public transport. With fewer cars on the work route daily, it ensures we’re creating a more healthy environment. You then use car shares in the weekends, evenings and as you need to during the week.

6. Reduce your carbon footprint

Your carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases your activities produce within a given timeframe***. It goes without saying that if you’re not using a car often and finding other alternatives, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. Only using a car when you really need to enables you to do just that, as long as it is maintained regularly and you’re using the right fuel. All of this is a start.

7. Get to drive a variety of cars

Some car sharing providers enable the driver to drive cars they haven’t driven before, including late models and electric vehicles. This is a novelty for some, not to mention when you get in the car it’s clean, well maintained and ready to go.

8. On demand

Where you need it when you need it. Not left in town after a night out, there can be cars available for car sharing anywhere 24/7. With online car sharing options, you don’t need to make a call to access a car when you land at the airport at some red eye time.

9. Not going through stress of selling or buying a vehicle

It can be hard to negotiate a deal on a car, let alone choosing which one is the right one for you. Reduce this by 100% by not purchasing one and using a car share car as and when you need it.

10. Costs saved on having a carpark

Congestion and parking fees in major US cities alone account for 45 percent of the total cost of ownership. For those parking in New York during the week, you’ll incur a cost of over $5,000 per year, just in parking fees****. Consider how little your car could be driven for this cost. Add into it the insurance, car payments and upkeep - does it make sense?





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