• Jess Deacon

Key exchange and car sharing

Sometimes it makes sense to provide a key exchange option when using a car share programme. This is particularly useful when you’re validating if car share is a programme that your residents or staff will use longer term, you have a fleet of cars handily available to the key exchange administrator, or you just like the old way of using keys to start your cars.

It’s all up to you.

For cars that do not support keyless access, the borrower and car owner need to make arrangements to exchange the car keys. Which can make sense when you have a fleet of vehicles available to your staff or residents. Many residential complexes have a reception area for key exchange or a dedicated person to manage this transaction.

Arranging this manual key exchange is facilitated within the Hourfleet app chat feature. It can also be arranged out-of-band to the app via phone, emails and other direct communication between the borrower and car owner.

Although the effort to coordinate and exchange keys can take some getting used to, it’s also a great way for your team to connect with your residents or staff and reduce the initial upfront costs of ensuring a car share programme is right for your organisation. This is also true for vehicles that aren't compatible with keyless access - to be eligible, cars need to have proximity keys, and be fitted with a push-to-start button.

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