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Fleet management made simple

Whether you’ve got an existing fleet of business vehicles or just a few employees who are catching taxis a few times a week, chances are it would be more efficient for your business to operate a car share.

The benefits mean that costs could be increased dramatically, across fuel, car maintenance, insurance, taxi fares, and so on.

Even for a small business, the convenience of using digital technology to view cars’ availability, make bookings, and manage the maintenance for them is appealing. It removes the hassle of an administration person having to manage the cars’ whereabouts and a calendar of their availability.

Hourfleet provides the digital platform to manage all of this. Not only do we provide the front end tools for employees to be able to make the bookings from their desktop or smartphone - whenever they choose - the platform is also equipped with a sophisticated back office which makes it easy for whoever’s ultimately in charge of the cars to see what’s booked, when, by whom, and manage the maintenance of all cars within the same booking system.

Seamless, efficient, cost-effective. Hourfleet is the technological answer to your business car share operation. Let us show you how today.

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