Payment Integration

Hourfleet has one mandatory integration. This is with Stripe, an online payments processing service. Hourfleet's integration with Stripe allows you to charge your end users for car share services. 


If you don't already have a Stripe account should register. If you need to do this, we recommend you first take some time to learn about Stripe

This section takes you through a step-by-step process to set up your Stripe integration. This involves directing your Stripe account to manufacture two digital keys, which are a bit like internal passwords, and then guiding you on how to get these keys configured in your Hourfleet setup.


Step 1. From your Stripe Dashboard, click `Developers`, then `API Keys`, and then `+ Create restricted key`

Step 2. Give the key the name `Hourfleet`. All your permissions should be showing `None`. Go through and check each  of the permissions shown as needing `Read and write` as shown below.


Step 3.Now click `Create key`

Step 4. Now it's time to collect the two keys that Hourfleet needs. First save the `Publishable key`. Then in the Restricted API key panel by Hourfleet, click `Reveal live key token` and the `Secret key` will be displayed. It's secret for a reason - don't leave this lying around!

Step 5. Please email these keys to, and then delete the email from your Sent Items email folder.

Important: Your relationship with Stripe is governed by your acceptance of their Terms of Service. We are unable to manage any aspect of your relationship with Stripe, or to advocate for you. Other than initiating charges to your customers as covered by our Terms of Service, we are unable to act for or on your behalf.