Frequently Asked Questions


How do members book vehicles on my network?

Members who wish to use cars on your network will access your car share business via desktop or their mobile using the web app. They must have access to the internet and be verified. The member searches for, and finds, a car they wish to use and requests it using the app. It is then up to the car owner or network operator to approve their request, unless automatic approvals are configured.

Once a members request has been approved they will then be able to view and manage their booking in the app.

How do my customers become car share members?

Hourfleet provides a full suite a tools to allow you to enrole and manage your car share members. The verification system helps you confirm important deatils, such as their - email address* - phone number - credit card* - driver’s license - date of birth * verification is managed automatically by Hourfleet

How do members access the cars after they’ve made their booking?

1. If your vehicles are not fitted with a CarKit then after a member has become verified and made their booking, you will need to arrange a time and location to exchange keys with the member. This will need to happen at the start and at the conclusion of the booking period. 2. If your vehicles are fitted with a CarKit then a member will be able to use the vehicle access controls on their booking page of the app. These controls are only availble during the approved usage period of their booking.

What happens at the end of the booking period?

1. If the vehicle is not fitted with a CarKit, at the conclusion of the booking the user returns the vehicle to the designated location and completes the booking using the app. They then complete the key exchange with you. 2. If the vehicle is fitted with a CarKit, at the conclusion of the booking the user returns the vehicle to the designated location and completes the booking. The vehicle will automatically lock but it the member should remain present to verify.


Can I see analytics for my car share service?

Hourfleet provides a comprehensive set of dashboards with live insights into the performance of your car share service. In addition, you can supply your own Google Analytics key so that activity can be monitored in detail.

How is payment handled when members use my cars?

Hourfleet offers charge and billing models that suit your business. These include:

  1. Configure your Hourfleet service to interface with Stripe, allowing you to automatically charge monthly membership and per-rental charges for each booking
  2. For enterprise employee car share, configure your Hourfleet service with cost centre codes that allow employee rentals to be charged back to their cost centre

What will my car share administrators needs to do each day?

The scope of administration activity will depend on the type of network you operate. For example, a business employee car share scheme may support the auto-approval of booking requests from its users removing the need for an operator to monitor their vehicle requests. Some of the more common administration tasks include:

  1. Dealing with any manual verifications. User and Cars must be fully verified before than can be involved in rental transactions. Visiting Verifications each day will be an important part of your operational procedures.
  2. Looking after billing customers. Rental transaction are not automatically billed. This gives your the opportunity to review feedback and deal with any issue _before_ charging a customer's credit card.
  3. Maintaining the availability calendar for cars and/or taking cars offline for servicing
  4. Handling general enquiries from your members


Is the Hourfleet car kit compatible with my cars? EVs?

Yes, almost certainly. Your cars simply need to have remote central locking. The car kit will work with cars that have proximity keys and push-to-start buttons, it will not work with cars that have the older twist key ignition. The Hourfleet car kit is compatible with all known electric vehices ( EVs), including Audi, Chevy, Fiat, Kia, Nissan, Renault, Tesla and Volkswagen.

Do I need to create my own website?

No. Hourfleet provides an entire car share service for you to operate, including:

  1. Setup; You can upload you logo, configure your business rules and your car share service is live in minutes. Your car share service branding is fully under your control.
  2. Back Office; Managment of your car share service, including integration with Freshdesk or Intercom for your member care. Notifications can be customised with your own branding messaging
  3. Members, cars and bookings; Your members can maintain their own profiles, book and use cars
  4. App; You and your members can access your car share service using their desktop, tablet or your fully branded native app
  5. Payment; Hourfleet integrates directly with your Stripe account so your members are automatically charged on each rental, and/or for any monthly membership charges
You may want to have your own website to sit in front of your Hourfleet-powered car share service. This allows your business to present one, two or many pages detailing your service model, FAQs, Terms of Service and other information, linked to your Hourfleet-powered car share service where the main car share capabilities are located.

Do I get my own app?

Yes. Your branded, Hourfleet-powered car share app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google app stores. In addition, the service can be accessed using a browser from your desktop, tablet and mobile.

What is the Hourfleet car kit?

The Hourfleet car kit is a small electronic device that provides approved members with app-based, keyless access to cars in your car share service. The car kit:

  1. Is powered by 12v supply from the car.
  2. Connects to a cellular network
  3. Captures and transmits GPS position data for each rental
  4. Allows car doors to be unlocked/locked, and car alarm to be deactivated/activated
  5. Removes the need for physical keys for cars equipped with proximity keys and push-to-start buttons

Do you offer a free trial?

No, not at the moment


What are verifications?

Verifications are a set of criteria members and vehicles must meet and maintain to ensure they are permitted to operate on your car share service. These credentials generally include things like email, phone, drivers' licence, credit card details, car road worthiness certification. The exact list of verification credentials will depend on the type of car share service you operate. For example:

  1. a peer-to-peer car share service includes a car owner payout account verification which ensures their commissions can be paid
  2. a business employee car share service includes a cost centre verification which ensures usage can be charged back to the employee's cost centre
Only fully verified members may use cars, and only fully verified cars may be used by members.

What verification credentials are members required to provide?

All members must provide at least:

  1. An email address*
  2. A mobile phone number
  3. Date of birth
  4. Drivers' licence details - images(s), expiry date
If your car share service is configured for business employees, members must also provide their cost centre number. If your car share service is configured as a commercial/rental service, members must also provide a valid credit card*. If your car share service is configured as a peer-to-peer car share network, members who list cars for rental must also provide their bank account number* (for commission payouts) *This verification is managed automatically by Hourfleet

What verification credentials are needed for vehicles?

The following verification credentials are required:

  1. Registration/licence plate
  2. Road worthiness inspection certificate - number and expiry*

    *Note that this is only required if your car share service operates in a jurisdiction where this type of certification is required by your national or state regulations.

Can members or vehicles become unverified?

Yes. Hourfleet automatically manages the removal of member or vehicles verification status in a number of instances, including when:

  1. a drivers' licence expires
  2. a member email address or phone number changes, and that change is not confirmed
  3. a member credit card declines
  4. a car licence expires
  5. a car certificate of inspection expires
Generally the re-verification of a member will require some action on their part (eg updating their credit card), or in the car of a car, some action on the part of a car share administrator (eg updating the car licence details)