Meet the Team

Sales and Support

Andrew Kissling

Device Engineering

Simon Reddington

Product Design

Matt Wehner


Jess Deacon

Product Roadmap

Jezz Santos


Tony Stewart

Market Intelligence

Fran Bellingham

Watch Jezz and Andrew as they talk to Microsoft about the history of Hourfleet and how we've partnered with Microsoft and Toyota New Zealand to bring Hourfleet to the world.

How It Started

 Born out of a friend's real-life problem - with a car sitting idle during the week, and friends and family who wanted the keys to borrow it - Roam was the first product created by Mindkin, a forward-thinking bunch of product engineers based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Hourfleet Today

The platform's success drove the team to transform Roam's cloud platform and in-car technology into a platform that can offer businesses the same efficient and cost-effective operating tools, no matter what their global location or business model.


The outcome of this is Hourfleet; a white-label platform, equipped with keyless access functionality, a sophisticated back-office, and a slick app to ensure the best user experience. Hourfleet receives constant improvement based on customer feedback, continual market testing and validation.

Level 1,

78 Victoria Street,

Wellington, New Zealand


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