Your Car Share Technology Provider

Hourfleet is a full service, white-labeled car sharing platform that can be set up and tailored to your business in minutes.


Your versatile car share technology

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For Rental Car Share Businesses

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For Apartment Buildings

Launch your new car sharing network and get going within hours.

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For Peer to Peer Car Share Businesses

Create a double-sided car sharing network where members of the public rent and borrow each others cars

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Developers improve the value of their units, and body corporates generate income by providing residents with convenient transport.

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For Company Fleets

Increase utilization of your shared fleet vehicles, and reduce operating costs.

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For Retirement Communities

Provide your residents with simple, low-cost access to transport.

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Desktop and Mobile Experiences

Hourfleet works the way you want: At your desk, on your tablet, and on your phone. Our progressive web app provides a consistent experience across all your devices so managing your network is efficient.

Your customers use the branded iOS or Android app to make finding, booking and using a car quick and simple.

Configure, Launch, Grow Your Business

Define your Car Share's appearance and rules, then launch it anywhere in the world.

Hourfleet can scale with your needs. Whether that be 10 cars or 1000, 1 country or many.

Get started in 5 easy steps


Contact us or give us some details and get started with a FREE TRIAL.


We’ll be in touch within 48-hours with a special link to your new car sharing app!

We will show you how to add a logo and configure your business to make it your own.


Simply add your vehicles to your personalised car sharing app - easy!


Invite your staff, team, or community to register and download your new car sharing app.


Track your growth on the easy to use dashboard.

Enable your team or community quick and easy access to transport as and when they need it.

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Use your own branding so that customers recognise your brand on the website, native iOS and Android apps.

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Membership Model

Restrict membership to just your company, or open up membership to a local or national community.

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Network Rules

Configure your network’s rules, including maximum and minimum rental durations, rental fees and notifications.

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In-Car Technology

Use Hourfleet’s in-car technology for app-based keyless access, or go with traditional key exchange.

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Commercial Model

Configure your network for pay-per-use, subscription or a combination. Stripe payments service means you are paid directly.

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Back Office

Use the management dashboard to visualize your network. See where your cars and people are, and monitor usage over time.

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Back Office Support Tools

Comprehensive back office features gives you control over the configuration or your network. Alter branding, optimise commercial rules, and manager customer verifications.

Network visualisations show where your cars are, who’s using them and their utilization over time.

Keep your finger on the pulse by interfacing your Hourfleet network with services like Slack, Intercom, Zendesk, Freshdesk and others.

Hourfleet Customers?



We spent hours searching and evaluating products to host and manage our fleet of vehicles, and then we came across Hourfleet. We honestly thought, 'This is too good to be true'...

...then I spoke with Andrew and after a few minutes I felt extremely comfortable with their technical competency and ability to deliver on their platform. Hourfleet has an extremely agile and capable platform that almost any company can adapt to. They also have great technical support that allows us to integrate any solution in and out of our management tools. If you are looking for a personable team that truly cares about the success of your business, look no further than Hourfleet!!"


Trey Spiller



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Happy Businesses

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